Greetings Beloved Soul,

Are you ready to embark on a magical journey with me and my team of Conscious Creator Collective coaches?

Join us for a soul-nourishing start to your week, where we will come together to connect, meditate, and orient ourselves into our creative essence.

We will celebrate your progress and achievements, reflect on the lessons and challenges that have come your way, and set powerful intentions for your path ahead.

During our 90-minute calls, we will dive deep into the realm of True Choices, committing to action steps that align with your soul's desires.

We will unpack any resistance you may be experiencing towards making empowering choices and embark on a transformative recode process to unlock your full potential.

This is not just a coaching session, but a sacred space where you can tap into your inner wisdom, align with your soul's purpose, and step into your True Power as a Conscious Creator.

For YOU if:

  • You are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or disconnected from your creative essence,

  • You are craving a supportive community that can guide you in aligning with your soul's desires, setting empowering intentions, and taking action towards True Choices,

  • You are you seeking a transformative and sacred space where you can unpack resistance, gain clarity, and unlock your full potential as a Conscious Creator.

To make the most of our time together, it is recommended that you view the bonus Lenses training and have a copy of your Lenses document or pen and paper handy.

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