Creator Intro Bundle

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Conscious Creator Journey

Learn to embrace your Superconscious wisdom, remove Conscious and Unconscious Limitations and establish trust in your Intuitive Superpower with this introduction to working with the Creator Codes.

With over 3 hours (plus bonuses) of content, I gently guide and educated you on the first steps to being a Conscious Creator.

Expect Profound Transformation is various aspects of your life.

As you gain education and understanding about 'Structural Tension' and 'Unconscious Agendas,' you will be empowered to shift into what we call the 'Creative Orientation' where you are completely in flow and become the Conscious Creator of your reality.

As you engage in the Processes and practice the techniques and meditations provided, you will:

  • Learn how to remove limitations and embrace your Intuitive Superpower,

  • Gain clarity and trust in your Intuition,

  • Experience Recodes~ a gentle and easy way to rewire neural pathways to trust your intuition and experience increased Health and Vitality,

  • Receive intuitive guidance from your Higher-Self,

  • Experience a deeper connection with your Inner Wisdom.

By integrating these teachings into your daily life, you'll embark on a journey of self-empowerment and transformation, unlocking your True Potential and creating positive change in your life.

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