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Kiera Kusters

Marketing Manager

Kiera Kusters is a dedicated marketing professional and the esteemed Marketing Manager at Creator Codes. With a passion for spirituality and wellness, Kiera specialises in working closely with business owners in these industries, helping them transform their dreams into reality.

Drawing upon her marketing experience, Kiera employs her expertise to craft customised strategies tailored to the unique needs of spiritual and wellness businesses. Her deep understanding of the industry allows her to connect authentically with clients and guide them through the intricacies of marketing their offerings effectively.

By leveraging her knowledge of digital marketing, branding, and market trends, she empowers business owners to establish a strong online presence, attract their ideal customers, and foster meaningful connections within their niche.

With a profound belief in the power of authenticity and purpose-driven marketing, Kiera assists her clients in aligning their values with their marketing strategies. She recognises the importance of conveying a brand's unique essence and message, ensuring that every campaign reflects the authentic voice and vision of the business owner.

Kiera works to empower spiritual and wellness business owners in achieving their aspirations. Her dedication, and passion for the industry make her an exceptional partner for those seeking to bring their dreams to fruition and make a positive impact in the world.

Niña Tallado

Social Media Manager

Nina Tallado is a young innovative professional with years of working experience in Banking, Finance, Accounting, Real Estate, Virtual and Social Media Management.

Utilising her expertise in social media management, she is capable of providing support in the development of social media marketing initiatives and campaigns, content generation, scheduling, and lead generation.

One of her key strengths is her strong work ethic and dedication to delivering exceptional results.

She's also a hardworking individual who goes the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. She understand the importance of achieving success in the digital realm and always strive to exceed expectations.

She takes pride in providing excellent customer service, maintaining clear communication, and collaborating closely to understand the company's goals and objectives.

She's always eager to learn and adapt to new challenges, consistently seeking ways to improve and enhance her skills in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Preetesh Morar

Marketer and Tech

Preetesh Morar, widely known as 'Pretsel', is a seasoned Digital Consultant specialised in websites, social media, and videography just to name a few of his skills. His journey spans numerous roles and industries, enriching him with a unique blend of skills and experiences earning him the title of Polymath with a few people.

His career consists of roles from a consultant in a call centre and door knocking, transforming and transitioning to Mobile Account Management at Telstra, and a national programs manager with a reputable business school. These diverse roles allowed him to cultivate his interest in the online and digital landscape. Leading him into the vibrant field of digital marketing and working with a wide range of media. His talent ‘super power’ shines in the creation of engaging assets, documents, and materials in a wide range of formats, including print, digital, and video and more.

Pretsel is much more than a Digital Consultant. He's take the time to understand a business or a person and as an innovator and strategist, adept at devising tailor-made strategies that equip businesses to educate their audience, grow their reach, and scale their operations. His approach marries creativity with execution, giving him the unique ability to bring his ideas to life.

Libby Sterling

AO Scan

Libby Sterling is a highly experienced and multi-talented professional, known for her expertise as a Certified Magnetic Mind Coach, PADI Master Instructor. Over the course of her professional life, she has also been a project implementaion and training manager, and an award-winning underwater photographer. Libby's collaboration with Arwen and Creator Codes has been an extraordinary journey, where she contributes as a coach at their transformative retreats. In addition to her coaching role, Libby also takes on the responsibility of ensuring participants are nourished and energised throughout their wellness experience as the retreat foodie. Moreover, Libby excels as a strategy coach, offering invaluable assistance in bringing order and structure to clients' lives. Specialising in guiding individuals who are eager to assume control and instigate positive changes, she collaborates with them to develop a clear path toward their goals. Libby's strategic approach involves breaking down aspirations into actionable steps and constructing a roadmap for success. Whether striving for personal growth, career advancement, or seeking a more balanced life, clients can rely on her unwavering support. Libby is dedicated to working collaboratively to transform dreams into reality and enhance the fulfilment of each client's unique journey.

Michelle Proctor


Michelle is a member of astrology and holistic healing associations, also with a degree in comparative literature. Over decades she has studied numerous forms of meditation, tarot, energy awareness, chi healing, intuitive healing and soul insight. Her astrology interests are mainly in supporting people with their life pathways, cycles, seasons and timings. She is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers for counselling astrologers, the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association, and the Federation of Australian Astrologers. Contact her for phone readings, in-person sessions or her fab audio-recorded reading sessions that check in with your wellbeing while also being something you can listen to in your own time and space.

Elizabeth Elenor

Qualified Magnetic Mind Coach

Founder of The Women Of Light Movement

Elizabeth’s whole world changed when a psychic told her – “You can do what I can but obviously you don’t know it.” This opened a door to seven
years intense
training in Past Life Regression which led her to exploring the many layers around vibrational frequency, energy, and dimensions. She also discovered the link between the Science of Quantum Physics, Epigenetics and the vast realms of Alchemy and it was here where she stripped many layers of trauma, and emotional dysfunction as she remembered her spiritual sovereignty.

After 25+ years of evolving through spiritual practices and techniques, Elizabeth is now a Qualified Magnetic Mind Coach and Founder of the Women of Light Movement, guiding women to their Superconscious intuition, Divine Wisdom, and Creative Genius. Accessing this sacred aspect of our consciousness is the ultimate reality shift in living the life you were placed on Earth to experience. Elizabeth works with women entrepreneurs and visionaries to create impactful results in their business.

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